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Parkmore Primary School is a proud state government school, which dates back to its inaugural year of 1962. Our students from Foundation (Previously Prep) to Year 6 are provided with a broad, rich and differentiated curriculum enabling the character strengths...read more

Saraid Doherty


Principal's Blog


"This school is an ever improving great school that is highly inclusive. The only truly inclusive mainstream school in the area. The social benefits of this are huge. This school is the only school in the area that maintains welcomes community involvement. It has teachers and admin staff that are invested and families that are highly involved. It is great comfort to find a great school."

"Parkmore Primary School exhibits professionalism in their day-to-day dealings with the school community. One could not ask more of the way in which the teachers and principal conduct themselves with their compassionate interaction with the students, ensure they always deliver a high level of education and give students what they need to go forth in their daily educational needs."

"Parkmore Primary School is AMAZING!!! Transferred there mid-year and wish had done it sooner. So welcoming, inclusive, supportive, nurturing and such excellence in all elements of teaching and student wellbeing. Any issues dealt with swiftly and any concerns addressed promptly and communication between home and school has been sterling. We have seen an immense improvement in our child’s skills, abilities, confidence and engagement in his learning and can’t thank the staff enough. Excellent!!!"


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