International Football & Tennis Program

Parkmore Primary School through its highly collaborative partnership with Forest Hill College offers prospective enrolments access to a full time high performance tennis and football training module whilst participating in a rigorous and comprehensive primary-aged academic program that follows through to Forest Hill College and opens up pathways into VCE/VET/VCAL offering direct enrolment into the Diploma of Football located at The University of Melbourne.


Students in Year 4 - 6 are eligible to apply for the program and places are limited. Once enrolled in the International Football or Tennis Program students are required to maintain minimum levels of performance in their athletic and academic programs. It is also expected that they are keen participants in the life of Parkmore Primary School and model the values of the school.


Monitoring Performance

  • Assessment of students performance against the AusVELS (Foundation to Year 10) and their demonstration of the VIA Character Strengths.
  • Common Assessment Tasks provide students with ongoing feedback about their achievement and progress in their learning.
  • Students will be assessed on their athletic capabilities using the Athlete Performance Record (APR).
  • This is a comprehensive performance record tool which measures the technical, tactical, mental and physical abilities of the student athlete over the entire school year.


Why enrol in the International Football Program at Parkmore Primary School?

Research on gifted and talented practitioners in sport and other environments has acknowledged the correlation between frequency of deliberate practice and the achievement of expertise. The notion of 10,000 hours of practice being required to develop expertise is now widely understood and accepted as a valid model from which to gauge the progression of potential elite players.

In the International Football or Tennis Programs students have access to elite training facilities, expert coaches and industry leaders. Time spent training and practicing as part of the school day (applied practical component) contributes to the hours required to achieve expertise. Students are encouraged to maintain playing commitments in their existing club structures as this will assist them in maximising the hours of practice that will see them achieve optimal results in the overall performance that is required of elite athletes.

High Performance Training Module

Applied Practical Component
  • Movement screening and athlete recovery and management
  • Football match Program/Futsal
  • Tennis or Football specific sessions based on age and ability
  • Match play and tactical development in chosen sport
  • Skill Development and goalkeeper specific training, strength and conditioning use of visual coaching pro

Not only will the student athlete receive elite training and development in the areas of recovery and performance, fitness profiling and conditioning along with the fundamental concepts of football or tennis, they will also have legitimate access to a high quality academic program that is themed around sport, health, fitness and leadership development such as coaching and sport specific skills.


For further information, please email the School Principal.