Parental Involvement

Classroom Helpers

You can be of assistance in programs such as:

  • The Literacy Block
  • The Numeracy Block
  • Sporting events
  • Publishing of student work and assisting with displays
  • Assisting with the swimming program
  • Helping with major events such as graduation preparation

As parents you can also assist by observing the following:

  • CLEARLY NAME all your children's belongings
  • Ensure your child has a good night's sleep by going to bed on time
  • Send your child to school well equipped and on time
  • Ensure all money/permission notices sent to school are clearly labelled with your child's name, home group, teacher, amount and reason for payment. 

If you can assist with excursions and in-school visits, this is appreciated not only by the school, but also your child. Children love to have their parent/carer participating in school events. 

Do not hesitate to offer your services, they will always be greatly appreciated!


Parents’ Association

The school has an active Parents' Association which creates a sense of community through fundraising activities, with an emphasis on creating a friendly social network. New members and fresh ideas are always very welcome. Please contact our Office for details of our next meeting.