Students at Parkmore Primary learn Mathematics every day through rich and engaging learning contexts. Our teaching includes a range of opportunities for students to learn and become inquisitive, mathematical learners, including:

  • Setting personalised learning goals based on what students already know and towards their next step of learning
  • Learning in a variety of settings, such as mixed ability or like ability grouping, individualised, or whole class 
  • Learning through rich, differentiated tasks, such as problem-based and open-ended activities
  • Working with manipulatives and digital technologies to represent concepts and understandings
  • Low floor-high ceiling activities, which enable student choice and responsibility in their learning
  • Reciprocal teaching, where students become the teachers and explain their thinking and reasoning
  • Fun, meaningful maths games to build practice and fluency

Working in teams, Parkmore Primary teachers assess students’ abilities against the Victorian Curriculum. Not only that, they also monitor students’ understanding of mathematical language, concepts and skills. 


Our approach is influenced by Jo Boaler’s Mathematical Mindsets, and we support all students to achieve their potential by growing a resilient, mathematics mindset, by learning from their mistakes and by making connections within all Mathematics areas and with their everyday life.