School Tours


Parkmore Primary School conducts regular school tours for prospective families.


Please call Pam at our office on 9878 5556 to make a booking.


Information helpful for tours:

- Parent's name

- Phone number

- Child's name

- Current school/kinder

- Special considerations 



2020 Enrolment


The following downloadable documents provide families with the opportunity to familiarise themselves with specific aspects of Parkmore Primary School.


The Enrolment Form can be completed for any prospective enrolment from Prep  - Year 6.


2020 Enrolment Form


Home Group Structures

Home group structures are formed as either straight year groups or level groups (multi-age). For example, Yr 3 and Yr 4 combined in a multi-age formation. 

The structures are determined by the school leadership based on the needs of the student cohorts. These structures are communicated to the school community during the last few weeks of the school year in readiness for the year ahead.


Starting Primary School

Starting primary school is a major milestone for you and your child, marking the start of a new phase of life for you both. Here you’ll find information on how to make the move from kindergarten and other early childhood services to primary school as smooth as possible for your child.


The first years of primary school will be exciting and engaging time for your child and you will both want to make the most of this experience.


Building positive relationships and experiences with education in the early years of your child’s life is important to their long term development – providing the building blocks for their learning and wellbeing.


The more you can help your child to become familiar with the layout of the school and what they need to do before day one, the less overwhelmed they are likely to feel.


To start Prep, the first year of primary school, your child will need to turn five years old by 30 April of the year they start.


2019-2020 Foundation Transition Program



'Sprouts' Program

Our 'Sprouts' program provides the opportunity to engage in a range of stories, songs and games as a way of introducing kindergarten-aged children to school. This program enables parents and children to meet other families who will be at the school in 2020. Sessions include:



Let's Be A Positive Detective:  Wednesday 24 July – 9.30 am – 10.15 am  The children will be introduced to the Positive Detective program, which forms the basis of our Positive Psychology program in the Junior School.                    



Active Sports Day: Thursday 15 August – 2.30pm – 3.15pm  The children will enjoy an afternoon session of games with our Physical Education teacher. Your child should wear runners to this activity.


* Please note parents accompany their children during Sprouts sessions


Orientation Program

Once enrolled at Parkmore Primary School, our 2020 Foundation students are encouraged to participate in a series of orientation sessions to support their smooth transition to school. A Parent Information Session outlines the formal transition process into primary schooling for our 2020 Foundation students. Click here to download our transition brochure.
The program includes:


Parent Information Session – Wednesday 30 October 6.30-7.30 pm.  This session will outline the formal transition process into primary schooling for our 2019 Prep students.


Marvellous Mathematics – Wednesday 6  November 9.30am-11.00am  The children will participate in a range of hands on mathematics learning experiences.


Technology Time – Thursday 14 November 11.30am – 1.00pm  The children will explore aspects of the curriculum using the school’s comprehensive range of digital learning technologies.


Art Play – Wednesday 20 November 9.30 –11.00am  The children will join our visual Arts teacher for an art session. Bring a smock or old t-shirt from home!


Reading Rocks! – Thursday 28 November 11.30am  – 1.00pm  The children will participate in fun literacy activities in our fantastic library inclusing a reading scavenger hunt. Bring a packed lunch to this session.


To participate in the Sprouts program or arrange a School Tour contact Pam Roberts on 98785556


International Students

Parkmore Primary School is an Accreditated Victorian Government School with the International Student Program (ISP), Department of Education and Training.


The school is located in the residential area of Forest Hill . The school provides a balanced curriculum featuring quality, sequential learning programs. The Victorian Curriculum are used to to planning teaching and learning programs. 


Parkmore Primary School is contemporary in its approach to educating our students. Globalisation demands technological capacity and intelligence, heightened interpersonal skills, significant emotional intelligence, resilience and strong literacy and numeracy skills. Our students learn in flexible learning spaces and through collaborative structures with other students and adults.  


International students have equal opportunity to access and participate in all programs offered to students, Foundation to Year 6. Student support programs complement student learning. Additional assistance and one-on-one support is provided if/as necessary.


For further study options contact the DET International Education Division:

Street address

41 St Andrews Place

East Melbourne Victoria 3002


Postal address

International Education Division

Department of Education and Training

GPO 4367

Melbourne Victoria 3001


Tel: +61 3 9637 2990

Fax: +61 3 9637 2184 / +61 3 9651 4424

Email: international@edumail.vic.gov.au