2023 Prep Enrolments




Choosing a primary school is a stepping stone in your child's education. At Parkmore Primary School, we understand this is an important decision and we are committed to support you through this transition phase.


Our wonderful staff are more than happy to provide all the information you need and we pride ourselves on making your child's transition successful for a bright future and solid education.



Enrolment forms

Please complete this form and return it at the following e-mail address: parkmore.ps@education.vic.gov.au
Need help completing the form? Simply come to our office and our staff will guide you.

Click here for enrolment form



Office hours

Monday-Friday: 8.30am-4.30pm



Enrolment zone

Visit Find My School to check your school zone*


*Parkmore Primary can currently accept students outside of the zone




School Tours

Parkmore Primary School conducts regular school tours for prospective prep families.

Please call Pam at our office on 9878 5556 to make a booking.


Come along for a virtual tour of our amazing school! Click the play button on the video above!

At Parkmore Primary School, we pride ourselves on providing engaging, inclusive and hands on learning experiences. Students are immersed in a safe and supportive learning environment. Through a combination of collaborative and independent learning opportunities, students build on their capacity to achieve success- both inside and outside the classroom.




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