21st century learning demands new pedagogical and technological approaches for learning. Parkmore Primary School actively prepares students for the demands of an ever-changing world, through facilitating learning in a technology-rich environment, where students and teachers don't just learn about technology, they use it to achieve powerful learning and teaching and improve student learning outcomes.

Today’s students think, learn and live in an increasingly online world.


New technologies and virtual environments allow important parts of their personal and social life to be digitised, shared and linked to global communities. Students may have more access to technology at home than at school. Outside of school they may regularly contribute to online forums, interact with and seek help from peers and find innovative methods of solving problems, managing their time and expressing themselves. Often this happens all at once using multiple applications, devices and interfaces.

Parkmore Primary School recognises and further develops these capabilities. The curriculum and learning programs include opportunities for students to work autonomously and concurrently in a dynamic and challenging environment.


Students have access to more information and communication tools than ever before in human history. Such access calls for a new literacy: digital literacy. This requires students to be aware and discriminating. Parkmore Primary School actively seeks to educate students to make informed choices about the information they seek, the products they want to create and the tools they use.