High Ability Practice

Meeting the needs of High Ability students

High Ability children of all ages benefit from rigorous, relevant and engaging learning opportunities based on the Victorian Curriculum content.

High Ability students:

  • have individual learning needs, strengths, interests and abilities.
  • vary in their level of giftedness across and within learning areas.
  • vary in abilities and aptitudes demonstrated in a single area or across a variety of domains.
  • vary in level of achievement.
  • exhibit different learning behaviours.



Defining high-ability

The term High-Ability is used to indicate high potential and/or performance across the full suite of human abilities.

High-ability refers to students whose ability is more advanced than that of similar-aged peers across one or more domains. These domains include:

  • Intellectual ability: usually manifests in a broad range of academic-focused subjects, speed of learning and complex thinking patterns.
  • Physical ability: often presents in physical education or dance.
  • Creative ability: is likely to find expression in the arts.
  • Advanced social ability: will cut across a variety of subject areas. Often finds expression in leadership.

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At Parkmore Primary School, we offer both support and a pathway of opportunity for children identified as Gifted and Talented. Our High Ability Practice Leader (HAPL) works closely with our teaching staff and our families to review students learning data, engagement and performance in the classroom to identify individual strengths and learning needs.

Based on student learning behaviours, classroom teacher assessment and access to a suite of external assessment platforms, children will be identified for the pathway from Year 3 onwards.

In discussion with parents and families, students identified at Gifted or talented have access to a number of enrichment and or enhancement programs both in school and beyond. Examples of these include:

  • Individual Education Plan with specific agreed goals and strategies
  • Personalised tutoring
  • Mentor and coach to support learning and engagement.
  • Victorian High Ability program.
  • Future Problem-Solving Australia.
  • DE Student Excellence program.
  • Victorian Challenge and Enrichment Series.

Please contact the school about enrolling your child into Parkmore primary School’s Gifted and Talented pathway.


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